How Property Developers Can Use Demographic & Psychographic Data

Property developers have taken some time to adapt to newer technology trends, but they have finally caught on. Real estate’s adoption of new technology has progressed seemingly more slowly than some of its counterparts. However, with the advent of big data and machine learning, the viability of different and new kinds of data (data that […]

How Developers Use Map Data To Evaluate Sites

What is Map Data? Map data is all the information about a location, including its geography, demographic features, usability, property ownership, and any zoning history that pertains to the land. This data is crucial for realtors, investors, and developers alike. Map data is vital as it lets the interested parties know what kind of purpose […]

Real Estate Data Sources To Inform Investments


It’s remarkable how modern technology at our disposal has made information that was the domain of niche professionals like real estate agents and wholesalers completely public with detailed how-to guides highlighting every critical aspect of the process. This has given so many novices looking to make their way into real estate an excellent opportunity to […]

How “Big Data” Is Used In Real Estate


What is “Big Data”? Big Data refers to processing large amounts of data, whether it’s real-time data or legacy data. Algorithms are then applied to this data so that trends can be discovered. These can be trends in user behavior, trends to predict future outcomes, or gain business insights. With these data sets, you can […]

How Quality Data Impacts Buying, Selling & Developing


When it comes to technology and tools, real estate has traditionally been a late adopter compared to its counterpart industries. That has been the same case with the adoption of data and analytics. However, over the last decade, people have started taking notice of the value of large data sets. They have begun to understand […]

How To Find Out Who Has A Mortgage On A Specific Property

A mortgage is a loan used to buy a property while putting that property up as collateral. Mortgages are recorded documents that are part of the public record. For those in the real estate industry, a beneficial marketing tool is found by having access to mortgage information. You can find out who has a mortgage […]

Best 2022 Marketing Lists for Your Business’s Campaign

Best 2022 Marketing Lists for Your Business's Campaign

Are you in the process of creating a business campaign but are stumped as to which marketing list to target? Maybe you already have an existing marketing list, but it does not reach the required demographic as well as you want. Perhaps you don’t have a marketing list and are confused about where to begin […]

Importance of Geocoding & Why You Should Include Them in Your Listings

Importance of Geocoding & Why You Should Include Them in Your Listings

What is Geocoding? Geocoding is when an address is taken and converted into latitude and longitude coordinates. You take a description of an address, which can be its pair of coordinates, address, and name, and then transform it into a location on the earth’s surface. There are many ways of doing that. You can do […]



If you’re in the industry of handling real estate transactions, you’ll need to perform a lot of research. Because real estate is one of the most significant investments you can make, you must assist your clientele adequately in preparing for this purchase, including educating them with information that will help them secure the best deal […]