Property, Location and Owner Contact Data


With your pass to the industry’s top API library, you can:

  • Access reliable contact information
  • Personalize outreach with MLS, tax, and property details
  • Verify and standardize addresses in real-time
  • Create interactive maps with geocoding coordinates
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Mortgage & Transaction Data

Automated Valuation Model (AVMs), deed, mortgage, and historical property information.

Physical Property Information

Over 155 million U.S. properties with over 900 data points including owner, building and parcel information

Property Owner Contact Profile

Uncover contact-level insights such as property owner names, contact information, physical address, and insights into owner’s other properties.

Address & Phone Verification

Verify addresses and cleanse phone numbers with industry-leading accuracy.


Providing precise mapping locations and reverse geo coordinates to any geospatial application.

Marketing Leads & List Generation

Target more prospects and close more deals with curated marketing lists to bring your business to next level.

customize your plan

Whether you already have a real estate-related SaaS business or you are planning to enter this market, BatchData helps you to access all the business information you need. You can develop your solutions based on valid and up-to-date information gathered from qualified sources every day. That means you’re fueled by the most accurate and complete property and commercial data available.

You can select the right API bundle for your needs and customize it any time you want.

Real estate application

Real Estate Applications & Websites

  • Access to the most updated and complete MLS data
  • Geocoding to pin locations or provide an interactive map search experience
  • Correct user addresses in real-time to USPS accepted format
  • Retrieve latest vacancies, pre-foreclosures, and lien status of millions of properties

Property Management Technologies

  • Searchable property database of residential, commercial, affordable housing, and senior living
  • Quickly locate owners and best contact data of residencial and commercial buildings
  • Expand your database by having property charactristics and details beyond land information
  • Ensure smooth communications and collections with skip tracing & address verification
Property management
Investment & Market Analysis Tools

Investment & Market Analysis Tools

  • Accurately map properties for users with geocoding
  • Return current property owner’s data, including contact information
  • Enable custom reporting and analytics with granular demographic, property, and real-time transaction data
  • Produce insights leveraging unpaid loan amounts, balances, borrower information, and more

Residential Lead Generation Software

  • Import MLS data to populate profiles and support search
  • Offer complete property transaction history, asset and tax valuations
  • Sort property characteristics including roof type, A/C system, and lot size
  • Support new verticals with insights on appliances, flooring types, and more
Residential Lead Generation Software
Mortgage, Lending, Insurance and Quoting Services

Mortgage, Lending, Insurance and Quoting Services

  • Improve customer experience with address verification, autocomplete, and more
  • Analyze property owner demographics, mortgage insights, tax liabilities, and asset holdings
  • Optimize communication channels with DNC, phone, and email verification
  • Mitigage investment risks with property assessment reports

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