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What is LACS

What is LACS?

LACS (Locatable Address Conversion System) is a database made by USPS for mailers through a network of licensees. It is created to facilitate changes in mailing addresses when local authorities convert them. A prevalent instance of this is the conversion of rural-style addresses to city-style ones due to the 911 system. Many rural addresses have been changed to more easy-to-find, modern city-format addresses to make it easier for 911 emergency teams. LACS also includes addresses that already have a city format but have been renumbered or renamed. This verification component is crucial as it significantly reduces the number of returned deliverables that are otherwise generated. 

An address check using the Locatable Address Conversion System is generally not done by the United States Postal Service but by third parties licensing the LACS database from the postal service. A licensee performs a LACS verification by creating or purchasing software and receiving bi-monthly or monthly updates of the LACS database through the USPS.

Types of Records in the Locatable Address Conversion System

The matching rules of the Locatable Address Conversion System, similar to the NCOA, are created by the United States Postal Service. However, there are certain instances with the LACS where address-matching logic is utilized instead of name-and-address matching logic. 

The record types in LACS and their matching requirements are as below:

LACS Record Type NumberDescriptionType of Match Logic Required
2Rural with box number to street type address (split)*Name and address
3Street and street type address (split)*Name and address
5Rural with box to street type addressAddress only
7Street to street type addressAddress only
8Rural with no box number to street type addressName and address

Split refers to the pre-conversion address at which several individuals or families received mail. So, after conversion, everyone will now be assigned an individual address.

Benefits of The Locatable Address Conversion System

  • The LACS ensures your latest official mailing address is available for your Prospect or Customer File. If an address has an old format, it can be recognized and rectified before your deliveries enter the USPS.
  • LACS improves the deliverability of your mail as address quality is enhanced due to standardization.
  • DPC/ZIP+4 codes are verified, corrected, or appended.
  • LACS ensures CASS certification, which allows you to receive a postal discount on mail that qualifies for it.
  • An NDI (National Deliverability Index) report will allow you to see how your address compares to the USPS standards.
  • Address codes are adjoined to every record. The segmentation significantly reduces failed delivery, resulting in material and postage savings.
  • LACS increases the merge/purge effectiveness.
  • It also enhances the accuracy of the customer file.


The LACS processing output will provide the information listed below according to the requirements of the USPS.

  • The original mailing address
  • The standardized version of the original address with accurate ZIP+4 and DPC information 
  • An NDI report allows you to see your address’s deliverability and how its address compares to the USPS standards.
  • A delivery point barcode that ensures automation discounts
  • A carrier code that improves the deliverability of your address and also helps obtain postal discounts
  • The date of the address conversion became effective.

The following information is appended when a match is made via LACS:

  • The new/updated address
  • The accurate ZIP+4/DPC code of the updated address
  • The record type matched on the LACS database

The US government or the USPS does not establish, approve or control the price of LACS service offerings.

According to postal regulations, deliveries addressed to the old/pre-conversion address a year or more after the update may not always get delivered. Instead, they might get returned to the person who sent them as undeliverable-as-addressed deliveries. 


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Written by Austin Proctor 


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