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What is IANA

What is IANA?

People don’t have their own IP addresses- for example, it is not similar to a homeowner’s address connected to a plot of land or a structure. IP addresses can keep changing. They are not linked to your address or name in a manner that people can identify it.

However, this does not mean anyone can randomly select an IP address- such as the way we are allowed to create our own username for email accounts. Because when we involve something as massive as the Internet- along with its intricate networking and complexity- that kind of randomness will result in complete chaos and confusion.

For this reason, behind the global and extensive yet simple Internet, you will discover a system and order that ensures it keeps running smoothly, even when it comes to details as minor as IP addresses.

What is IANA?

For people who want to create private office or home networks and network administrators, there are private IP address blocks reserved for such use. However, everyone who requires global IP addresses needs to be a seamless ordering scheme that assigns individuals an IP address orderly, working, and logical.

There’s a single, global “allocation” process for the World Wide Web to ensure this. This process starts with an Internet-specific organization- the IANA or Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

So, What Does IANA do?

Based in the U.S, IANA is an organization that distributes (allocates and assigns) everyone an IP address in an organized, consistent, and systematic manner for the benefit of everyone.

IANA plays a very crucial administrative role. The Internet organization does the job of allocating the unique numbering systems and names based on the technical Internet standards and website addresses.

Even though the World Wide Web isn’t a centrally-administered network, certain core elements and features require global coordination. IANA took up this job with the Internet’s predecessor. This makes the organization one of the most dated institutions associated with the Internet.

Is IANA the Only Organization that Assigns and Allocates IP addresses?

With over four billion globally assigned IP addresses, the work can get somewhat overwhelming for only one organization to tackle. So, IANA receives help from several other Internet organizations.

The allocation process of IP addresses has been made easier and simpler by allocating huge IP address blocks to RIR or Regional Internet Registries. Each registry is required to manage these IP address blocks assigned to their particular region by the IANA.

Several other Internet associations are also involved with ensuring the network operates efficiently and smoothly. Each organization is responsible for a particular area of the World Wide Web. They must carefully follow the procedures and policies implemented by other Internet-specific organizations.

Summing It Up

IANA makes sure every single person’s IP address works when they need it to work, no matter where we are and what our IP address is at the particular time.


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Written by Austin Proctor 


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