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Verify phone numbers, check line types and avoid wasting resources on the wrong data.

Phone Verification



Improve Efficiency

Validate numbers in real-time and connect with prospects more quickly.

Customer Satisfaction

Keep customers informed throughout their journey and improve retention.

Cost Savings

Avoid messaging and calling invalid or disconnected phone numbers.

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Why BatchData Phone Validation?

Our phone data allows businesses and organizations to lookup and verify any number in the United States. Our database contains over 600 million U.S. phone numbers and is updated on a daily basis with any changes and new phone number originations.

We help companies identify:

Easy to use platform

We make it easy to get results by via API or our online user interface.

File Upload Utility

Whether one or one million records, process with ease.

Simple, Robust API

It’s never been easier to get started using our API. We provide simple, robust documentation and guidance on how to get started.

Excellent Customer Support

Talk to real humans and get answers to your questions.