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Understanding Address Autocomplete: What is It and How to Use It

What Is Address Autocomplete?

E-commerce websites utilize a web form feature that autocompletes the address inputted by the user. This feature suggests street addresses to users as they input the address into the form. Address autocomplete effectively reduces the number of keystrokes that a user makes. By doing this, the number of mistakes made by a user is also reduced. Data submission becomes faster as the inputted data is accurate. Address autocomplete also automatically verifies and validates an address, thereby serving as an additional layer of security. 

Address autocomplete might seem like a trivial feature; however, it’s anything but; there are so many advantages to using this feature. The most notable benefits are improving customer retention and conversion rate, making it critical for any e-commerce business to implement this feature on their website. 

Address autocomplete works with the help of an API. BatchData provides an API with a comprehensive data set that your form can use to autocomplete and verify any address typed into it. The API offers the option for type-ahead search functionality as well. The program sends queries while the user is entering the address. Each query brings back predictions with each keystroke.

How Does It Work?

When users input their data into the web form, the autocomplete API is triggered into action. This happens when they click on the form or perform the first keystroke.

On the backend of the API, the database is updated constantly. When someone enters their address, the letters, words, and numbers are immediately checked against the database to make sure that it’s an accurate and real address that’s being inputted. 

Autocomplete APIs also suggest the remaining part of the address if you’ve just inputted the initial few letters. This makes a dropdown appear from which you can choose your address. As a result, you don’t have to make any more keystrokes. Your error margin is reduced, and your address is accurately inputted. 

The BatchData APIs offer a lot of accuracy in the autocompletion process, even autocompleting your apartment number. Furthermore, combining APIs can allow you to geolocate, autocomplete PO boxes, and include non-postal addresses. The APIs also standardize the address and validate it in real-time.

The efficiency of address autocomplete depends upon the data set that the API has access to. BatchData provides a comprehensive solution that covers every address. You can integrate the API with the checkout form to get started. 

Predicted addresses can be appended when the user has inputted a few critical points in the form. Once the address is completed, it’s verified and inputted into the database.

Why Is It Important To Use An Address Autocomplete API?

Address autocomplete simplifies the user experience. Statistics show that a better user experience means they’re likely to convert into customers. This increases the customer conversion and retention rate, which are two essential metrics when considering the output of an e-commerce store. You simplify the checkout process by eliminating keystrokes for the shipping and billing information.

In addition to just autocompleting the address, you can verify the address, the email address, and the phone number. This lets you improve your data hygiene by ensuring that only accurate data enters at the point of entry. You also enhance the security of your website by providing that fake users cannot enter fake data. Bots cannot traverse this feature, making your website immune to bot attacks. 

Most users abandon carts when faced with a complex checkout procedure. Autocomplete simplifies the overall process. When customers face minimal shopping fatigue, they will not leave their carts. This improves customer retention and conversion rate.

Moreover, when addresses are autocompleted, it ensures their accuracy. This leads to faster shipments. Faster shipments improve customer satisfaction significantly. 

Many users change their addresses frequently because of traveling. When you ask them to input their address, you can verify their current location and let them use your website’s services with ease. 

Address autocomplete removes any typographical errors in the address. When the address is completed, it is also standardized to adhere to the local postal authority format. 

While autocompleting, you can also validate an address to check if it is accurate and mailable. 

Lastly, you can enhance the quality of your data by limiting invalid entries. 

As a result of all the features mentioned above, your customer will feel like they are in the right hands. This will turn them into long-term customers. It gives you an advantage over all your competitors who are not using autocomplete.

Key Takeaways

Address autocompletion improves customer experience by reducing shopping fatigue and eliminating cart abandonment. It vastly improves the security of your website by removing false data and stopping bot attacks. As a result, your data is accurate and results in fast deliveries, satisfied clients, and an improved conversion rate for your website.

Address autocomplete pairs with verification and validation through an API that integrates with your checkout form. BatchData provides a comprehensive address autocomplete solution that covers addresses all over the US. 

Improve your overall data hygiene and quality by eliminating invalid entries into your system.



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