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BatchData: Complete Checklist of Everything You Should Look For in A Data Provider

BatchData_ Complete Checklist of Everything You Should Look For in A Data Provider

Your data provider is your business partner, especially when it comes to data-sensitive businesses such as marketing or real estate. The freshness and quality of data are crucial when you’re presenting critical information to customers or using the data as part of your solution. 

Before committing to a data provider, you need to make sure that you make the right business move. Here’s a checklist of everything you should look for in a data center provider:

  • What is the depth and the breadth of the data available?
  • Can the data be tailored to your specific needs? 
  • Is the data fresh? How fresh is it? What’s the lag time between the actual transaction date and when the data was fed into the platform?
  • What unique datasets are available to you that a competing data provider cannot deliver? 
  • Is data delivery prompt?
  • How much experience managing and curating big property and ownership datasets does the data provider have? Is it a few years or decades?
  • Is the data provider just harvesting and combining data, or are they taking intelligence-based hard steps necessary to verify the proper curation of data? Is the data in a consumable form?
  • Will the provider engage with you to create and investigate new possibilities you might not have considered before? 
  • Is the data provider’s data accepted within the industry? Is it considered suitable to support critical business functions?
  • Is the data provider cost-effective?
  • Are they efficient in procuring data and curating lists? 
  • What kind of products and suites do they offer in their package?

Products BatchData Offers

We offer a series of complete and straightforward solutions tailored to your requirements. 

Address Verification: We provide the best address verification services in the industry, including correction, validation, enhancement, and standardization. 

Property Data: You can gain access to more than 155 million U.S. properties with over 900 data points, including the owner, building, and parcel information, automated valuation models, deed, mortgage, and historical property information. 

Skip Tracing: You can get access to industry-leading phone and email data on prospects. Find lead information at an unmatched right-party contact rate. 

Phone Number Verification: The most effective model to improve the quality of a phone number is verifying and enhancing phone data by identifying carriers, line types, and DNC. 

Geocoding: Our precise geocoding solutions offer mapping locations and reverse geocoding to any geospatial application.  

Marketing Lists: Target more prospects and close more deals with our curated marketing lists.

How We Set Ourselves Apart

What sets us apart? We are simple, fast, and reliable. With us, you can get started in mere seconds by creating an account and starting for free. 

With our blazing-fast speeds, you can achieve results within record time. Our prices are transparent and competitive, beating the market and offering you the best bang for your buck. 

We have industry-leading documentation to help you get started and guide you clearly and thoroughly. 

We use the latest and most remarkable cloud technologies to ensure 100% safety for both you and us. 

Our superior customer support means that you’ll never be left on the line with some automated chatbot that doesn’t know what it is talking about. Always speak with a fellow human being who is empathetic and wants to help you as best as they can. 

Our delivery solutions are flexible and let you utilize data and services through our API, online interfaces, and custom delivery methods.

Our geocoding services offer real-time geocoding, flexible delivery solutions, the option to do batch geocoding through our API, and data enrichment. You can achieve different levels of accuracy through our zip code geocoding, zip+4 geocoding, parcel centroid geocoding, and rooftop geocoding. 

Our phone verification service helps you identify carrier name, line type, litigator status, whether the line’s reachable or not, if it has a do-not-call status or not, and to see if it is tested or not. Our platform is easy to use, allows file uploading, and has a simple API. 

Using our marketing lists, achieve a higher return on investment. Our lists offer superior national coverage, instant access and downloading options, a high level of granularity, and verified data that’s updated daily. 

With our property data, we gain access to comprehensive data valuable to real estate, insurance, mortgage, marketing, banking, and software companies.

Our address verification service lets you process at lightning-fast speeds, utilize USPS metadata, verify any U.S. address, utilize precise geolocation, all through easy-to-use APIs backed by comprehensive documentation.

Key Takeaways

Your relationship with your data provider needs to be a transparent one wherein the data provider meets your criteria and offers a wide variety of services necessary for your business.

Austin Proctor

Austin Proctor

Technical Writing Manager @ BatchData

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