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How to Find and Contact the Owner of a Property

How to Find and Contact the Owner of a Property

Do you want to know how to find an owner of a property you are interested in? Property owner search can be a taxing venture if one does not know where to start. Finding property owners by address is not always the solution, as sometimes the property owner lives elsewhere and has rented the property or does not use it. In this case, property owner lookup becomes a tedious chore that requires you to chase leads and look up databases without any fruition. 

However, let us aid you in your property owner search with some tried and tested methods that will allow you to find and contact the owner of a property without being frustrated.

You would want to look up a property owner when you want to buy an abandoned house or a waterfront house that you have always wanted. Maybe you need to figure out how much money you need to make an offer to the property owner. If you are not a real estate agent or an investor with a database at your disposal, here are some ways you can find and contact the property owner.

Contact County Tax Assessor’s Office

The county assessor is probably your best bet to find the property owner since city hall contains all the information you’d usually require. You can additionally find out about the property history by contacting the county assessor. The government office has different names depending upon the location. Sometimes, it is called a land registry, property records, or land records. Otherwise, if you can’t find it by any of those names, look for the tax assessor. 

Go to your local government website and search for the terms that we have suggested. That should be your starting point. 

Unless you live in a rural area, the website will have the required information.

Use a Membership Database

If you don’t need to go to someone to find out the information about a property, you can use a membership database and look up the property’s details yourself. It will require a fee, and you must have some technical knowledge of looking up things in a database. It might take you more time than other ways to contact the owner. The only con of this method is that sometimes these databases are not complete or have expired information that won’t lead you to the property owner.

You can use some websites to find and contact a property owner. US Realty Records, Property Shark, Property Radar, Melissa Lookups, and Searchbug are popular websites with databases that you can use to look up a property and find out its details. 

You can also look for a property owner through a customized mailing list. Some real estate agents offer custom mailing lists to potential buyers about property owners and absentee owners living in another state. 

Title Company

The title company can help you if you aren’t having much luck finding the information. The title company can track down the owner and then provide you with the information about tax liens on the property. The downside to approaching a title company is the cost. Using the services of such a company would cost you hundreds of dollars. It should only be used as a last resort. 

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are the easiest way to find out about the property owner. They can serve as your private investigator and help you find out about the property. They usually have access to a database known as a multiple listing service that includes the property address, the owner’s name, the square footage, previous owners, and other ownership data. 

You can even approach a real estate attorney in such a case because they have deed books and have access to a database from which they can find the property information, including who owns it. 

In many counties, you might be able to get your hands on the information for free. However, in the case of densely populated areas like metropolitan cities, you might have to cough up a fee. Some state laws prevent the disclosure of ownership information. If you find yourself coming across these laws, the only option will be to order a formal title search to reveal these details. 

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Austin Proctor

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