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Best 2022 Marketing Lists for Your Business’s Campaign

Best 2022 Marketing Lists for Your Business's Campaign

Are you in the process of creating a business campaign but are stumped as to which marketing list to target? Maybe you already have an existing marketing list, but it does not reach the required demographic as well as you want. Perhaps you don’t have a marketing list and are confused about where to begin with your campaign. A business campaign, much like any campaign, requires addresses. It needs a marketing list procured explicitly for that campaign. 

After all, you need leads that convert into sales. What kind of marketing list will serve you the best purpose? Let’s explore some possible options.

New Homeowners

New homeowners are a good demographic to target as they have just settled in and are ready to buy. It doesn’t matter what your campaign is about. If it’s a local campaign, as long as you are targeting new homeowners in the area, you will be getting a high return on investment with your campaign. New homeowners are a powerhouse with a reasonable spending ability. They would be interested in the products that you are selling. They would also refer you to some of their friends and family in the area. A list of new homeowners can be compiled quickly from deed recordings and updated daily, given the frequency of new data.

US Homeowners

US homeowners often have steady buying power thanks to their financial status that has allowed them to buy a house, raise a family, buy a car, get a mortgage, and so on. They are also your ideal targets in a marketing campaign as they not only have the required capital that would ease them from being leads into customers, but they are also aggressively looking for a decent product to invest in. You have a guaranteed sale in your bag if you can satisfy them with good quality, novelty, and innovation. You can get this list from numerous public record sources such as county assessors and recorders.

Investor Property Databases

An investor property database has something that your business desperately requires in the beginning: investors. Suppose you can contact investors of investor properties. In that case, you can not only improve your chances of getting decent leads; you can also interface with them and network together to improve your business with their investment. These databases provide homeowner data services that identify investors who own one or more than one property across the nation. This list is compiled based on property type, sales amount, and geography. This is ideal for marketing campaigns that wholesale real estate people execute. Wholesalers do not have the capital to purchase property and usually require an investor or a buyer on the other end of the deal to make sure a contract goes through. For wholesalers, a marketing list of investor property databases might help them in the right direction.

Commercial Property Databases

More than 20 million commercial properties include retail stores, apartment buildings, and light and heavy industrial buildings. If you need a commercial property database for your marketing list, then you’re probably in the business of a product or a suite that caters to commercial companies. This kind of B2B campaigning requires you to know thorough details about your leads, which a commercial property database can provide.

BatchData’s Marketing List Services

At BatchData, we are aware that you require a dynamic and diverse marketing list, which is why we offer our unique services that include more than 3100 demographics, 900+ assessors, more than 155 million deeds, 99% mortgages, 865 assignments and releases, and 86% pre-foreclosures. 

Our lists offer superior national coverage with more than 150 million properties and 30o+ million consumers. 

You can instantly access and download data using our simple online interface or API.

We offer a high level of granularity with over 700 data points per property and individual. 

Our data is updated daily and verified as soon as it changes. 

We offer many different types of marketing lists: 

  • Pre-foreclosure
  • Absentee owner
  • Out of state owner
  • Tax default
  • Owner-occupied
  • Active foreclosure
  • Cash buyer
  • Free and clear
  • On market
  • Vacant

And many more! 

You can find the exact prospect you were searching for with our curated lists. We use machine learning and data science to compile with hyper-accuracy so that your lists can be used by marketing agencies and SaaS companies looking to provide lists as a value-add to their platforms.

Austin Proctor

Austin Proctor

Technical Writing Manager @ BatchData

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