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How To Locate An Individual Through Skip Tracing

What Is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing refers to tracing a person who has effectively skipped their court appearance. The term is loosely based on the act when a person would skip town or skip their mandated court appearance because they were involved in some illicit activity or were behind on their payments. Back then, a bounty hunter would trace them and then find them. They would then be required to turn themselves in or pay the fines levied against them. 

Modern-day skip tracing has emerged from the same principle. When someone stops paying their mortgage, when a particular person has significant debt and has disappeared from the grid, or when someone’s in trouble about real estate, they tend to disappear. However, when they do, they often leave some signs that a skip tracer can use to find them. 

BatchData gives you access to a broad and deep range of data that a skip tracer can use to locate a person. Whether it’s for locating someone who does not want to be found or for collecting overdue accounts receivable, you can use the vast repository of data to skip trace with relative ease.

Who Can Skip Trace?

Process servers can skip trace effectively, as can bounty hunters hired for this very purpose. A private investigator can also skip trace on behalf of their client. This is also the domain of legal professionals, law enforcement agents, and investigators. 

With the proper training and access to the right data, anyone can skip trace. It is all related to what kind of data someone has access to. 

For example, you might require skip tracing if you need to serve someone who doesn’t want to be served. To avoid service, someone might change their address and job. This would make them hard to find. You might want to find someone whose information you don’t possess. A process server might require skip tracing to find someone and serve them. 

Since it’s all related to where and how to get information, skip tracers will have to thoroughly comb through an area and conduct interviews with people who have been close to the subject. They will also have to do some surveillance. In some cases, people use the internet to search for a subject’s online presence. There are also skip tracing software programs that give you access to a subscription-based database that’s not available to the general public.

This database contains information such as the driver’s license, credit reports, credit card applications, loan applications, job applications, phone numbers, flight records, utility bills, department store loyalty cards, consumer fraud, public tax information, courthouse records, and criminal background checks.

What You Need To Get Started

Skip tracing seems like something that anyone can perform, but to do it yourself, you need time, money, and energy to save by working with a professional instead. Internet searches and local scouting might work in some cases. Still, to get the best results, it’s necessary to go to a professional who uses cutting-edge tools and has insider information. An experienced professional utilizes high-tech methodologies that they can use while abiding by all the local, federal, and state laws. 

Some traditional sources of information that a skip tracer might use include:


This includes their friends, relatives, business associates, and neighbors. These people know the exact whereabouts of an individual in some cases. It can be challenging to extract information from these people as they tend to be loyal to the person. However, you can have them tell you the location with some psychological techniques without doing any other skip tracing.

Caller ID

Caller ID works by sending an urgent mail to where the skipper lives stating that you need to contact them at a certain number. If they bite and call the number, you can reverse phone search using the software. This will reveal their personal information.

Corporate Filings

Sometimes, a secretary of state has corporate filings that can reveal the location of company officers. 

Criminal Search

The criminal search reveals information about an individual on parole or who has been incarcerated.

Directory Assistance

Suppose a phone is disconnected; if you contact directory assistance, they can give you information about the contact information of a person.

Postal Service Change of Address

The postal service will return the envelope with a forwarding address if the target has moved from their location. This will lead you to their new address. However, it works only if the person has given the postal service a forwarding address. 

Other viable means include vehicle registrations, third-party traces, telephone listings, specific search engines, voter registrations, and reverse telephone directories. Sometimes, a person can also be found through their professional licenses.

What Does Skip Tracing Solve?

Skip tracing has one goal: to locate a missing individual. Sometimes, people become frightened and decide to go off-grid because they think they have messed up. Skip tracing can identify these people, and they can be reasoned with to come back and fix their situation. 

In terms of real estate, skip tracing can help you find missing tenants or landlords who are behind on their payments and are at risk of foreclosure. This can potentially save them from foreclosure.

Key Takeaways

With the right techniques and access to the proper data, skip tracing is a beneficial technique that helps you locate individuals who have gone into hiding. There are many ways to find them, and many companies, including BatchData, provide extensive data that you can use to locate someone.



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