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Importance of Geocoding & Why You Should Include Them in Your Listings

Importance of Geocoding & Why You Should Include Them in Your Listings

What is Geocoding?

Geocoding is when an address is taken and converted into latitude and longitude coordinates. You take a description of an address, which can be its pair of coordinates, address, and name, and then transform it into a location on the earth’s surface. There are many ways of doing that. You can do it manually, one by one, entering the location’s characteristics into a geocoding tool, or you can do it in batches.

Geocoding is different from a residential or postal address. Addresses are not as accurate as geocodes because they depend on zip codes. An address may be as valid as to its nearest zip code. Some places that do not have zip codes, such as rural areas, do not have accurate postal addresses. Their addresses are based on their distance from the nearest post office. 

Geocoding is far more accurate as it allows you to pinpoint the exact location of a place and lets you know about other geocoded places nearby. You can achieve accuracy up to the rooftop of a house with geocoding.

How Does It Work?

Geocoding often works with the help of a geocoding tool that takes the physical characteristics of a place and then tracks them down to a precise location on the map, then assigns that place the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. Anything can be geocoded as long as it exists on the surface of the earth. An address is converted into a geocode by taking the house number, street name and number, zip code, and nearby points of interest as a reference, then converting all of that into a single location. Geocoding can be offered in varying degrees of accuracy, the least accurate being a reference of the general area (such as a township, city, or county) to the most accurate being a reference to the exact location of a place.

Benefits of Geocoding

For real estate businesses, geocoding has tons of benefits. If you’re an agent and have recently decided to sell a house, it’s imperative to input the geocode of the location in your listing. 

The first benefit is that adding the geocode to the listing will allow everyone on the listing—especially other agents—to see the location just by following the coordinates. If you don’t input the geocode, some people might not find the location. This might cause you to miss a sale. 

If you are the buyer’s agent, you need to help them find the perfect place in a specific region. If you have access to a listing with geocoded addresses, you can help your buyer find a house within a particular area. 

Including geocoding within a listing will also give you and your client a decent idea of price points to expect within that neighborhood based on comparable sale prices of other properties recently sold in the region. Geocoding also lets you see what kind of houses your competitors have put on the market and how near your territory they are selling it. 

With the help of geocoding, you can ensure that your data is valid, thorough, and infallible. You can find prospective buyers and sellers based on geocoding information in the listings. The job of a listing is to be as concise and thorough as possible, so including the geocoding information makes it straightforward and entirely accurate. 

Best Geocoding Tool for Your Listing

BatchData’s geocoding solution helps companies like you with your local intelligence needs. By converting address data into geocodes, we deliver precise address locations that will help you improve logistics and decrease address-associated costs. With our location services, you can look up data efficiently and improve your marketing strategies based on geocoding information. 

We offer real-time geocoding with flexible delivery solutions. Our batch geocoding API can perform bulk operations regardless of one address or 100 million addresses. 

You can append data to your list with our solution and enrich your data.

Our geocoding suite offers ZIP code geocoding, ZIP+4 geocoding, parcel centroid geocoding, rooftop geocoding, and reverse geocoding. 

Using our solution to incorporate geocoding data into your listing will give you efficient results, save you time and money, and provide you with unparalleled accuracy.

Austin Proctor

Austin Proctor

Technical Writing Manager @ BatchData

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