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How E-commerce Stores Can Benefit From Address Verification

As an e-commerce store, you know that your customer’s information is critical to you; therefore, it must always be up-to-date, correct, and validated to ensure that deliveries are successful. Most problems related to shipment and delivery come from inaccurate addresses. Customers require their products to ship on time. If the product delays, is missing or goes unreceived, it will mean poor customer service, leading to lousy customer loyalty, and it will be terrible for your business in the long term.

What is Address Verification

Address verification determines if the customer’s address on the order details is the same as their actual address. It verifies if the address is correct and deliverable. Your business should use this to ensure smooth shipment transactions. Address verification services and tools can be sought to help business owners such as yourself in this very aspect. 

It would help if you used address verification paired with other security layers so that your business and your customers have a safe experience. For your customers, this means a smoother experience. For your business, it means the right data goes into the database.

Why Your Store Should Use This

Let’s look at why you should use verification for your business. There are many reasons, so let’s explore them all.

  1. Ensure accurate deliverability details

Whether you are drop shipping or are running your store, the address verification process can check the customer’s address and see if it is accurate or not. This helps boost deliverability. The tool provides some interfaces and APIs that work using different metrics to rectify mistakes. These metrics include address lookup in databases such as the USPS’s database to verify and normalize the address. It can also append data by attaching ZIP codes to data and additional metadata points like longitude and latitude. It can also geocode and autocomplete incomplete addresses. All of these features come together to improve deliverability. 

  1. Faster Delivery

With accurate data, you can ensure that all the deliveries occur at the right time. Punctuality is vital for your business. For many people, time is money. By providing fast deliveries, you can exceed your customer’s expectations and ensure that they’re your long-term customers. Some courier services have difficulty locating houses and addresses because of typographical errors. An address verification system corrects these errors to deliver the parcel at the right time. 

  1. Avoid the Hassle of Lost Productivity

A lot of time goes wasted in dealing with returned items or making sure that the item is redelivered to the correct address after it has been accidentally delivered to the wrong one. This is a strain on your resources. It can result in more expenses and lost hours. Using address verification, avoid such loss altogether. 

  1. Increase Conversion Rate 

Why are the big names in the industry like Amazon boasting such excellent conversion rates? They have systems that verify the address, deliver promptly, and give the customer a seamless and enjoyable experience. People don’t buy products; they buy an experience. With an address verification system in place, you provide them with that experience, increasing the conversion rate. A simple verification during the checkout process will go a long way in converting the customer. 

  1. Boost Your Marketing Results

Marketing is only as good as the product that’s being marketed. If you feel like your campaigns are landing cold, it might be time to check if address verification or lack thereof might be an issue. If you can correctly access the right data, you can use it for direct mail marketing, email marketing, branded marketing, and various other campaigns to boost the results.

  1. Promote Better Experience for the Customer

Like we said before, people buy experience, not the product. From the moment they come on your website to the moment they check out, you have to ensure that the right user experience makes them feel like they have enjoyed the process. Therefore, when verifying their address, make it a part of the fluid experience rather than a jarring chore they have to perform. You can verify the address once and remember them on your website, so they don’t have to fill out the form again and again. 

  1. Increased Sales

A satisfied customer turns into a long-term customer. If they feel like you are giving them exemplary service, they’ll spend more time on your platform. Whenever they need to buy something, they will go with you. 

Pros of Address Verification

Address verification ensures that your customers have a great experience. It boosts your reputation and converts casual customers into long-term clients. It saves you money and resources by making the whole process much more efficient. Accurate address data means accurate and timely deliveries.

Key Takeaways

You should consider investing in address data verification for your business if you want to boost your business, retain your customers, and provide them with the best delivery times.

Austin Proctor

Austin Proctor

Technical Writing Manager @ BatchData

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