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Address Lookup in 2022: 3 Steps to Cleaner Data

Address Lookup in 2022_ 3 Steps to Cleaner Data

Address lookup allows you to look up people by address. This is vital in address validation, where an address is matched against the inputted address in a database to ensure accuracy. If you want to know how to look up someone’s address, you must use an address lookup with an address checker such as one that BatchData offers.  

Address lookup requires standardized and verified addresses in a database. Clean data is imperative to the smooth functioning of your operations. 

If you have a service that contains a data set of thousands or millions of addresses, you can use our address verification solution for clean data.

Clean Up Address with Address Look Up

It’s incredibly devastating to a business’s health when they cannot merge address datasets because they have been inputted poorly. You can start by standardizing the addresses to prevent yourself from falling victim to discrepant data. 

If you have lousy address details, you will have to parse and standardize the address components to match duplicate addresses easily. After standardizing all your data sets, you can easily compare and reduplicate them. 

Our process involves capturing the address through autocomplete or manual input, then standardizing it by correcting typos and inconsistencies per the USPS format. After that, we parse the address into separate components. Then we verify the address through USPS and other government databases before outputting a complete, clean, and deliverable address that’s ready for order fulfillment, mail delivery, and data analytics.

Future Bad Addresses Prevention

It is just as important to prevent future wrong addresses from affecting your database. After you’ve made sure that your current addresses are standardized and clean, you can use an API such as the international address autocomplete API that helps prevent poorly-entered data from reaching your database in the first place. 

Why do you need that? Unless every one of your users inputs all the data in the correct format, with the correct spelling, and the formal standardization, there will always be discrepancies that you’ll need to rectify, including improper formats, missing data, and misspellings. 

Using an API, your users can fill their forms more accurately without compromising their data. It can autocomplete from their devices using the address they filled out earlier and then standardize it before processing it to become a part of your database. 

Furthermore, you can add guidelines with your input form to instruct users to input their data within the required parameters. However, there will remain a margin of error within their manual input. So, to be safe and sure, you will need an API to automate the process and double-check to see if the addresses are standardized. 

Address Database Maintenance

Your efforts will not end with just a one-time standardization. Maintaining your database and making sure that it is clean and accurate is an ongoing process that requires constant vigilance. You can use the APIs mentioned above to keep your data clean. Set them up, run them, and then let them clean your database every day. 

Routinely manually checking the addresses will also give you insight into how well the APIs are performing. You can check them weekly or monthly to make sure that your user experience is smooth. 

APIs come with clear and concise documentation that lets you integrate them with the database seamlessly. There are also pre-built solutions available for your database. Sometimes, you can use SDKs that support Unicode and validation of addresses worldwide, not just in the United States. 

Key Takeaways

Address lookup in 2022 is entirely dependent on clean data. You can ensure the good health of your data by following three main steps: 

  • Address database maintenance using APIs
  • Preventing future bad addresses
  • Cleaning up your existing address data 


It’s highly recommended that you manually check the database at regular intervals to ensure its maintenance goes smoothly. With these steps and following the correct protocols, you can provide cleaner data that helps you to perform an address lookup accurately. 

Clean address data improves the overall data quality and reduces costs.


Austin Proctor

Austin Proctor

Technical Writing Manager @ BatchData

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