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Benefits Of Having Global Phone Verification For Your Business

One crucial part of the infrastructure of your business is security. If you cannot provide a sense of security to your user base, people will not trust you with their business. Great companies worldwide have a multilayered security system embedded in their infrastructure that helps them gain the trust of their users, thereby increasing the business value of their company. 

Messaging application companies, for example, provide end-to-end encryption as a way of displaying the strength of their privacy and security. 

A verified global phone number is a necessity in these times and a critical feature to have in your business to tackle the ever-increasing number of security breaches. Your business requires adequate measures to stay one step ahead of cyberattacks. 

A global phone number verification system is just your business’s solution.

What is Global Phone Verification

With global phone verification, you can determine if the phone number is accurate and callable for the region. It identifies the country of origin from the international access code as well. This solution lets you verify phone number types like landlines, mobiles, carriers, and VoIP. 

The phone number is verified at the point of entry to ensure the accuracy of the information for your database. Before the phone number is entered into the database, it’s made sure that the number is live before you call to save time and resources. You identify the dominant language in the number’s region to establish a better customer experience through improved communication. You can also integrate caller ID data to return the person’s name and the business associated with the number for a more personalized experience.

Why is it Important for Your Business?

The first important aspect of global phone verification is authentication of registration. When a new customer signs up for a service, the phone number verification authenticates their identity. This will let you make sure that all your customers are who they say they are. This process involves sending a PIN code to every customer that signs up. The code can be sent via text, call, email, or message through social media. With this authentication, you can connect a customer’s name and face to their number and secure the device they have signed up with. 

Sometimes, a customer might try to log in after a long time but find that their account has been suspended due to suspicious activity or prolonged inactivity. The former happens when a customer logs in from a different device. Sometimes, this might be indicative of a security breach. By sending a code to the customer’s original number, you can defer a security breach on their system by helping them reset their password. 

A globally verified phone number updates customer details. If some customer requests changes in their information, you can confirm that they’re the person requesting these changes by sending a code to their verified number.

If some customers have been inactive for a long time, their sudden return might seem suspicious. To reactivate the customer, you’ll have to verify their phone number again globally. You can help them reactivate their accounts by verifying their original number and welcoming them back.

A verified phone number helps in transaction approval. Personal data involvement requires vigilance on your part so that no security breach occurs. When finances and money are added to the mix, an extra level of security is paramount. With a global phone verification system in place, you don’t have to worry about security breaches and can seamlessly transact with the customer.

Pros of Taking Advantage of Global Phone Verification

A global phone verification system means that your customers trust you with their business. Each time they log in, perform a transaction, make changes to their profile, or update their credentials, they do not have to worry about their data falling into the wrong hands because of the verification system.

All the customer data inputted in your database is always 100% usable and authentic: no dead phone numbers, no fake identities, and no scammers. 

Lastly, it lets you keep track of your user base and stay in touch with them for marketing and customer support without any trouble.

Key Takeaways

If you’re still on the fence about a global phone verification system, understand that implanting this solution will improve security by adding another layer to it, improving your data quality, and earning your customers’ trust. Moreover, it will save you on security costs in the long run. Without a verification system, your business security will become outdated and prone to scams and cyberattacks.

Austin Proctor

Austin Proctor

Technical Writing Manager @ BatchData

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