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How To Verify A Change of Address

What is a Change of Address?

Whether you are operating a business or are simply a resident in an area, there is a likelihood that sooner or later, you will move elsewhere. This could be because your business is expanding, and you need to set up shop elsewhere where there are better commodities. You could also be moving to another town to pursue a job, furthering your education, or living with your relatives.

Whatever the reason, when you change locations from one place to another, you have to file a change of address. A change of address is essentially the same as a forwarding address but with a few added steps. 

For example, when you file a change of address with USPS, you send them a request to reroute your mail to the new specific address. 

You have to verify a change of address with USPS to keep receiving essential items designated for you, such as bills, letters, newsletters, legal documents, etc. 

It can either be a temporary change of address or a permanent one based on your circumstances. Both options can be requested online or by filling out a form at the local post office.

Why Does a Change of Address Needs to Be Verified?

A change of address needs to be verified by USPS for them to continue sending you your mail. If you do not verify this, you’re not going to get your mail. Furthermore, an unverified change of address could mean bad for you, indicating that you’re getting mail-scammed. 

A mail scam is part of an identity theft scam where someone changes your address and starts getting your mail. This could also include important mail such as bank statements, money orders, and valuable deliveries from online shopping sites. 

To avoid that, the verification process is necessary. 

Another critical reason to verify the change of address is to avoid interrupting correspondence. 

More than 43 million addresses change every year in the United States alone. Verification is an integral part of the address change to ensure that the relevant databases are up-to-date with your current address. 

If you don’t verify the address change, the mail carrier will pick up the accumulated mail and leave a notice advising you to pick up your mail at the local post office. The local post office will hold your mail for up to 10 calendar days before disposing of it. To avoid that, you need to verify the address.

Steps to Verifying a Change of Address

You can get started by visiting the postal service website to fill out the electronic form for a change of address. The website will ask you to input your current and new mailing address. 

Then you will have to enter your credit card information because the postal service uses a credit card transaction to confirm your identity when changing your address. If the address does not match the billing address, they will not change the address, and your application will not be processed. 

Wait for the postal service’s change of address confirmation letter, which will be sent to you within two to three business days of your request. This letter will inform you that your request has been processed. Double-check the letter to ensure that the new address is correct. 

It is recommended that you start informing everyone who sends you mail two weeks before moving. 

After the change of address, the USPS will stop delivering mail to your previous address. The redirect mail to your new address will take ten days between a week. 

There are certain limits on temporary COA forwarding and permanent forwarding. For temporary forwarding, the minimum period is 15 days. USPS will send mail to your temporary address for one year. After the year has ended, you will have to do the whole process again, or your mail will revert to the original address. 

If multiple people live in a household, you have to use the individual option for a change of address if you’re the only one moving. If the entire family is moving, you should use the family option in the form.

Key Takeaways

To ensure that you keep getting your mail, you need to change your address and verify this process through USPS. This will help you avoid identity theft scams and assist delivery services, mail providers, and any concerned third parties by promptly informing them of your new address. Verification adds a layer of security to your new address.

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Austin Proctor

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